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interest-free payments with Klarna

interest-free payments with Klarna

Private Medical Insurance
Private Medical Insurance

Private health insurance enables you to get quick treatment when you require it the most. It has particularly been designed to treat serious conditions in the most efficient way. By making the premium payment every month, you will get the most effective healthcare without worrying about the costs associated with it.

This kind of insurance offers certain benefits that can improve physical fitness and maintain your well-being. This includes almost 25% off on certain gym memberships in the UK and provides greater access to health programs online.

Benefits of choosing private health insurance

  • You don’t have to wait in a queue – Though the waiting time has now improved to 18 days for the NHS between treatment procedure and referral, you do not have to wait that long to get private treatment.
  • Select your specialist – You may choose your own specialist from the list and choose a location for your necessary treatment.
  • Separate room for privacy – You will receive a separate room to get complete privacy after the treatment.
  • Personal care –You will be given personal care before, during and after the treatment until you completely recover.
  • Complete peace of mind –If something worse happens, you will be given necessary treatment quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions on private medical insurance

Will the policy cover my pre-existing medical conditions?

When you purchase private health insurance online, you do not need to fill out a health questionnaire in great detail but it will exclude sickness, pre-existing disease and injury.

  • Some insurers do not provide coverage for pre-existing or other conditions if you get proper medication for your treatment or valuable advice for the condition within the next 5 years before your joining date.
  • If you do not get the right treatment advice in the two year period, the exclusion will not apply.

Will the doctor’s fee be included in the policy?

Some specialists’ fees may not be included under the insurance policy. Hence, it is important to buy a policy that will fit your exact requirements so that we can discuss the concerns related to fees.

What are other benefits offered by the insurance provider?

Several benefits are provided by us that will enable you to take proper care of your health. We also give rewards and discounts for improving and maintaining good health. This will allow you to lessen the cost associated with private health insurance at the time of renewal.

Are there paperwork involved for a claim?

If you are sick or injured, it is obvious that you want to avoid stressful procedure for the claim. You may talk to the claim department that can help to run things as smoothly as possible. You can either talk to us directly or request for your claim online as per your convenience.