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Health Body Mot

Men under 40s

From ONLY £595

Men over 40s

From ONLY £795

Women under 40s

From Only £595

Women over 40s

From Only £795

Everyone Basics MOT

From Only £395


  • Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Fat and Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Rating, BMR
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Urinalysis (pH, sugar, protein and blood)


  • Full Blood Count - Haemoglobin, White Blood Count, Platelet Count, Red Cell Count, Haematocrit, Mean Cell Volume, Mean Cell Haemoglobin
  • Kidney Function Tests - Urea, Electrolytes & Creatinine with eGFR
  • Uric acid/Urate
  • Calcium and Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Full Cholesterol Profile - Total, LDL, HDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Liver function testsAST, ALT, GGT

Health Body MOT in London - Full Medical Check up

At Health Screening Clinic, we provide full body health check up to patients for improving their health. You may check the condition of your health with one of our great-value body Health MOTs. Our packages will cover your entire body along with liver, kidney and heart health, stroke risk, general health markers including diabetes, protein, cholesterol, muscle mass and much more for both women and men mot health checks.

The Body MOT stands for:

  • Measurements.
  • Observations.
  • Tests.

The process emphasises on various ways to improve health condition. Our team of doctors is highly dedicated in offering valuable advice and complete support needed for your well-balanced diet, changes in lifestyle and fitness level. We are always willing to give confidential advice with our MOT health check at the clinic.

All our MOTs are designed and evaluated on a daily basis to meet the highest quality service for patients and greatest value for money. In case you do not get health MOT Packages for your need, feel free to contact us and amend all kinds of service for your customised health screening solution.


A Full Body Health Check Up to fulfill your Requirement

Health MOTs at the Health Screening Clinic offer patients a service that is a must when they want to improve their health condition. We provide our patients with a suitable way of screening their bodies on regular basis for any diseases. This way, the patient can avoid diseases and take advantage of the necessary treatment options in order to better their health condition before any further complication start to occur. Depending on your individual concerns and needs, we can provide you with the package that best fits you so that you can get the best results.

All our MOTs have been designed and are assessed regularly to get the highest quality service for our patients and greatest value for money If you do not find Full Body Health Check Packages for your need, get in touch with us to amend all levels of service for a customised health screening solution.


With some of the most extensive health testing options available at our Health Screening Clinic

starting at just £295, can you afford not to take control of your health?

Mediscreen Basic Mot

The Mediscreen Basic MOT is the health screening product for entry level that has been suggested for strong individuals belonging to all age group. It is important to pay proper attention to general health markers who take into consideration your body analysis and an inclusive blood panel for generating a report of your general health.

It is recommended that health conscious individuals repeat this screening yearly for an ongoing overview of their general health. From this, you will get a personalised medical summary that outlines recommendations and results to take further action within a few days of attending the clinic.

An initial consultation with our private GP is not included in the basic MOT but an assessment of the results is available at a discounted rate.


With some of the most extensive health testing options available at our Health Screening Clinic

starting at just £295, can you afford not to take control of your health?

Mediscreen Sexual Health Mot

Combining the recommendations to perform sexual health and general health screening on a regular basis, the Mediscreen Sexual Health MOT merges our Basic MOT package with the Bronze Sexual Health packages. It is particularly recommended for sexually active patients belonging to all age groups as this MOT will evaluate your general and sexual health.

You will obtain a personalised medical summary that denotes the recommendations and the results for further action within a few days after going to


With some of the most extensive health testing options available at our Health Screening Clinic

starting at just £295, can you afford not to take control of your health?


A health MOT, also called a health check-up or assessment are some tests and examinations that will provide an overview of your present health condition and how the body is functioning. You might perform a health assessment due to a specific health concern to improve your overall condition. These are usually performed by our by our trained doctors and advisors at the Health Screening Clinic.
At the Health Screening Clinic, we strive to provide an extensive range of services at affordable rates. Our health body MOT packages start from £295 to £1499. Each package will have some tests that need to be done for determining your health condition.
The physician will prepare a comprehensive medical report which will inform you about your current health situation and recommend changes in your lifestyle that can reduce the risk of future illnesses and improve your overall well-being.
A full physical examination is the examination of your body which is usually performed by the doctor. The examination includes basic systems of the body such as heart system, gastrointestinal system, nervous system and lung system.
This will enable to determine if you have any health problem that you do not know about, which may also require immediate attention. At the Health Screening Clinic, our doctors will take care of your health concerns carefully and ensure a peace of mind.
It is suitable for patients who want to perform a general health check-up. If you have any specific concern, it is recommended to seek the advice from a medical practitioner. These are usually suggested to patients above the age of 18 as young people do not require performing these tests due to age factor and their developing bodies.
At the Health Screening Clinic, our experts possess years of experience in the medical field. We provide our valuable services to patients that are customised for their specific needs. Your health is our main priority and thus, we will look after your concerns immediately.

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