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Pre & Post Deployment Medicals
Pre & Post Deployment Medicals

Pre-Deployment and Post-Deployment Medicals

Making necessary arrangements to get pre-deployment and post-deployment medicals for the employees, is a great way to support the condition and wellbeing during the course of their assignment and return.

Pre-deployment medicals

When you work abroad, this will cause stress with limited access to medical care and treatment. Hence, it is a good practice to review the fitness of employees’ before taking assignments. Having an in-depth background in travel medicine, Health Screening Clinic provides detailed pre-deployment medicals for the employees staying overseas.

Employees are provided with a Work Health Assessment questionnaire when they attend a medical with our health doctors. Pre-deployment medicals varies depending on the location of the assignment. During pre-deployment medical, the health doctor will evaluate employee’s fitness by conducting a physical examination and necessary blood tests. This will help him to take on the intended role abroad and provide employees with valuable advice to promote their health and wellbeing. We will also take care of the family members along with the kids.

We can provide:

  • All necessary travel vaccinations
  • Serology tests or health screening for your visa requirements
  • Medical kits and medicines for individuals and their families

We are happy to customise Pre-deployment Medicals for particular employees after discussing their requirements.

Post-deployment medicals

A Post-deployment medical is essential for promoting physical and psychological health and wellbeing of employees following the assignment.

The period of working abroad can often bring a number of different challenges. These include; working in a different environment, stress of living and limited access to healthcare. A post-deployment medical can evaluate overall state of employee’s health provide an opportunity for addressing any concerns that might have arisen and can support a healthy return to workplace in the UK.

The health doctor will undertake a complete physical examination, medical history and blood tests. They might also do other post-travel screening tests that might be appropriate for infectious diseases.

We will discuss with you about your requirements to customise the content for post-deployment medicals to the employees.

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