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Common Allergy Myths
Common Allergy Myths

Some Common Allergy Myths

Allergy experts in clinical practice frequently spend a good amount of time counselling patients about nonsensical myths. In this section, we controvert some of the worst misconceptions and allergy myths

  1. A short haired dog cannot cause allergies

    Allergies are not specific to certain dogs as all dogs can cause allergies. The allergies are caused by the saliva and the skin flakes (dander)and not the hair as perceived by some people.It has been noticed that certain dogs shed less dander such as the Short-haired female dogs.

  2. People who are found to be allergic to cow’s milk can substitute with Goat’s milk

    The casein protein in goat’s milk is very much similar to that in cow’s milk so it can as well trigger a reaction.However, about 40% of children who are allergic to cow’s milk can tolerate it.

  3. Fish and shellfish should be avoided by Iodine allergic individuals

    Fish doesn’t contain significant amounts of iodine. It will not cause problems in iodine allergic people.

  4. Your heart may be damaged by Adrenaline injectors as they are dangerous

    Adrenaline (epinephrine) auto-injectors have been very helpful and have saved people with severe allergies to food and insect stings. In a severe allergic reaction, they’re safe to inject into the muscle of the thigh as soon as possible. If mistakenly administered, you may have slight agitation,and your heart will race, but the effect will wear off.

  5. You can eat the egg yolk if you are allergic to egg white

    This is a dangerous practice because there will be albumen proteins attached to the yolk.

  6. Children will outgrow their allergies

    Some children will,but a majority of them will retain their allergies especially allergies to food like nuts and fish. An estimated50% of allergies to pollen, dust mites and pets also persist into adult life.

  7. Allergy testing isconsidered as a waste of time because a person will probably react to everything

    Results from allergy testing are accurate. It should be done after a careful discussion of the person’s medical background and symptoms. Most allergic people will react to a few allergens whichcan be avoidedonce identified.

  8. Allergic rhinitis can be caused by building dust

    It doesn’t. Allergies are rather caused by the faecal pellets of House dust mites and Cockroaches.

  9. If you have allergies, you are better off living in a dry climate or desert

    Allergy triggering plants such as grasses, weeds, olive and mesquite trees thrive in dry semi-desert environments,and allergies may be worse.

  10. Deliberate exposure of yourself to pets can cure allergies

    If you’re pet-allergic, further exposure will provoke your allergies and worsen matters. However, tolerance can be built with time in some people.

  11. Food allergies cause hyperactivity

    Hyperactivity is not triggered by food allergies. Although children with ADDH (hyperactivity) may become more active (“sugar rush”) after consuming artificially coloured sweets and junk foods, this isn’t an allergy.

  12. Wheat and wheat allergies are common in adults

    Cow milk allergy occurs in some children but is usually outgrown by age 5 years; wheat allergy starting in adulthood is very rare.

There are a whole bunch of other myths!

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