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Smart Tips for the Health Checkup of Women in 60s and Above


Smart Tips for the Health Checkup of Women in 60s and Above

Are you among those women who are in their 60s or older? If yes, then you need to spend some time for keeping your body fit and mind sharp at this age. You may visit a reputed well woman health check up clinic where the gynecologists will look after all health related concerns of women at any age. Go through these effective tips to create all the difference in your health.

  • Use or lose it – When you get older, it is important to keep your thinking ability in good shape. The key part is to be sure your brain remains busy with all kinds of work. For this, women can try solving crossword puzzles, choose new hobbies, start new adventures, socialise or learn new languages.
  • It is never very late to begin – At the age of 65, for many people, the heaviest thing that they will lift is the remote. Well, did you know that you will actually start to lose bone flexibility and mass due to age, however, daily exercise and strength training may keep you strong and healthy for significantly longer. This will enable you to keep your muscles away from shrinking and avoid falls as well as accidents due to muscle weakness & balance problems.
  • There is sufficient time to stop smoking – If you have been trying for several years to quit smoking, it is important that you don’t stop trying.Rather, you may repair or reduce some of the damages caused due to smoking if you quit now. According to studies,people who quit smoking at the age of 65 have reduced their risks for heart disease and lung cancer.
  • Go for key screening tests on time – It is necessary to perform bone density screening testsonce you are 65 or older in case you are at greater riskfor bone-weakening conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. Experts have suggested that you can get a mammogram done every 1 to 2 years to detect breast cancer when you are in the age group of 50 to 74 years old. You need to consult with the doctor during well woman check up about what to do when you are older than 74.

You might have to go for another colonoscopy. This is a method to detect smaller growths known as polyps that have the probability to turn into colon cancer. You should get the test done every 10 years or as soon as your doctor finds polyps. Talk to your doctor in case you require the performing of regular pelvic exams with HPV and Pap tests and detect any symptoms that link to cervical cancer.

  • Immunisations – It is extremely important to get a flu shot done every year. Also, make sure that you take other key vaccines such as pneumonia shot. This should be taken at the age of 65.

Also, you may take a shingles vaccine, if suggested by the gynae expert. Even though you had painful conditionsin the past, it might help to avoidanother bout or if you get shingles, it will turn milder with time.

You may go for well woman check up at our London clinic where our gynae experts will ask you to perform the necessary tests from time to time to detect your health problems. Thus, we will also suggest you all the necessary treatments to perform and improve your overall condition before it gets too late.

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