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Questions To Ask During Your Health Mot


Questions To Ask During Your Health Mot

If you have decided to have a health MOT and have booked for it, then you are on the right track to living right, achieving, and maintaining good health and level of fitness.These MOTs can be carried out by a wellbeing trainer or health mentor trained in several health and wellbeing areas in health screening clinics in the UK.

Health MOTs are a two-way conversation. When you meet with your trainer, you will discuss your health and fitness goals, and you will both devise methods to help you achieve them.

The questions below will give you an idea of what you should ask your trainer during the meeting.

Q: Can any health condition affect my programme?

A: Exercise is necessary for everyone, but some health conditions can limit the type of exercise you can do. Questions about any pre-existing health condition will be asked during your health MOT and taken into considerationwhile designing a programme for you. You may also be referred to a GP in health screening clinics for further examination.

Q: How can I stay motivated throughout my program?

A:Lack of motivation is one of the major cause of people not completing their program, but we all have that one thing that can keep us on track. It will help if you always remind yourself about what made you start your fitness journey. Your trainer will also be able to help you stay on track to achieve your fitness goals through their carefully designed motivation programmes.

Q: How do I prepare for an upcoming event?

A: You don’t have to be an elite athlete to participate in sports activities these days. There are several fun sports one can engage in to feel sporty. If you have any upcoming sports event, our trainers can help you get in shape since most of them are well trained in sports activities. Your health trainer will also support you all the way.

Q: How can nutrition affect my fitness programme?

A: Your nutrition has a significant role to play in meeting your fitness goals. It also has an impact on your general wellbeing. With our health mentors and nutritional therapist available to give you expert advice about diet, sleep, and fitness, you don’t have to worry.

Q: What activities can I do and groups can I join to make my gym time more social?

A:Going to the gym can be a fun and recreational, especially when you go with friends or engage in activities such as group exercise classes or social clubs. Our trainers in our health screening clinics and gyms can organise unique activities to make your fitness journey a fun-filled one.

Q: What does the result of my Heath MOT tell me about my health?

A: This health assessmentrequire several medical tests, including blood pressure and glucose testing. These tests can be used as a basis to determine your level of fitness and help you plan and achieve your fitness goal.

Q: How can I make my gym sessions more enjoyable?

A: It's important to enjoy going to the gym because it makes you want to continue with your fitness activities. There is always a lot of equipment in the gym, and there are endless challenges you can set for yourself to make your gym time more enjoyable. Our trainers will advise you on enjoyable routines and fill you in on the many enjoyable activities that are available.

Q: What can I do at home to support my fitness progress?

A: Your fitness journey will be better if you make it a routine and not just a one-time activity. An excellent way to do this is to dedicate yourself to the fitness programme even outside the gym. You can make fitness a lifestyle. Your fitness trainer will discuss the best lifestyle to emulate always to stay fit.

Q: I always work out, but it seems like I'm not losing weight, what is the problem?

A: Everyone has a unique body shape. Some persons have broader shoulders, and others have long legs. The variance in body shape is so diverse. The most important thing is to accept your underlying shape. The problem with body shape lies in the excess fat and under-used muscles. When these issues are dealt with, your resulting shape will be perfect despite how you think you look.

Several factors affect weight loss. They include the type, intensity, and regularity of your workout. So if you're having issues losing weight, your routine may need to be adjusted.

If you are losing body fat but developing lean muscle tissue, you may not easily notice your weight loss. You can consider measuring your waist to hip ratio during your health assessment or use other indicators to monitor your weight loss.

Q: What other services do you offer that can help me keep fit?

A: At our health screening clinic, we provide nutrition therapy, emotional wellbeing, beauty treatments and several other services that you can take advantage of to stay healthy and keep fit.

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