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Pre-Employment Screening: Beneficial to Both Businesses and Job Seekers


Pre-Employment Screening: Beneficial to Both Businesses and Job Seekers

A pre-employment screening happens to be an important aspect of a job search. The procedure proves to be stressful as well as confusing for both the job seekers and the potential employers. Apart from being lengthy and time-consuming, the investigative procedure involved in pre-employment screening throws up lot of stress and confusion upon for both parties.

Mutually benefitting both organisations and potential employees

Yet this range of screening is steadily growing in popularity, says a doctor associated with a renowned clinic in London that provides pre employment medical screening. This is because it proves beneficial for both job seekers and potential employers. It helps employers narrow down the list of potential employees that would suit the job role the best and in the same time, are in perfect health.

It is an open secret that a large number of job seekers deliberately include false information in their resumes. According to a survey conducted in London early this year, nearly 46% of the background checks reveal inaccuracies in the information provided by the candidates. This is only the tip of the iceberg as the misinformation goes a lot deeper than you believe.

The best way for organisations to counter this intentional falsification of information from job seekers is a thoroughbackground search on every resume that reaches their table for the final rounds. A thorough investigation not only reveals a candidate’s past but also assures the company that the person is sufficiently skilled and qualified to fill up a particular vacancy. Moreover, the investigation also sheds some light on whether the person can be a positive influence on the current employees, point out doctors associated with a renowned pre employment medical testing centre on Harley Street in Marylebone.

A customised background check to suit needs

A background check can be done in several ways. It can also be customised according to the size of an organisation, the industry it is involved in and even the position which needs to be filled up. Most such screening procedures include few standard components. A criminal history check is very common across large organisations.

Other important aspects in this context include an employee’s:

  • Compensation claim history
  • Sex offender history
  • Driving records screening
  • Social media search
  • An assessment of skills
  • A qualification and employment verification

All these components make their own contributions in reconstructing the background of a job seeker. Last but not least, a drug test also proves helpful in screening out the most suitable candidate for a job.

In order to conduct pre-employment screenings, companies require at least the full legal name and date of birth of a candidate.

Pre employment medical check up is another crucial part of pre-employment screening. Apart from physical exams, it usually includes health inquiries, psychological tests as well as drug and alcohol tests. Assessment of both the physical and mental health of an individual is also performed at the same time.

This type of overall, comprehensive assessment proves beneficial for both employees and organisations in the long run.

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