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Importance of Routine Health Screenings for Your Wellbeing


Importance of Routine Health Screenings for Your Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing are just priceless. You should never wait till the last moment to address any health issue. There’s hardly any way to know when an apparently benign-looking issue may turn complicated putting your life at risk.
It is a bitter truth that the majority of people ignores the basic health guidelines and waits until a major symptom pops up. But regular health screenings, like mole mapping, dental checkups, mammograms, prostate checks and others can easily detect early signs of a problem and the earlier a disease is detected the greater are the chances of complete recovery.

Get the symptoms detected early

These days medical science has made unbelievable advancement. As a result, there are numerous tests and screening programmes to scrutinise your physical health and well being. But a large number of people avoid these tests either because of ignorance or embarrassment. 

The NHS wants everyone in the UK between ages 40 and 74 should have an NHS health check every 5 years. This routine health check is aimed to reduce the risk of strokes, heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes and kidney problem. In addition to that the tests are also helpful for certain types of dementia. 

The NHS-prescribed 5-yearly tests analyse your entire physical condition from bottom depth along with analysing your family history, lifestyle, height, weight, blood pressure and other crucial factors. This provides comprehensive benefits to your health and wellbeing.

However, this must not be interpreted as one should not go to a GP or practice nurse for health checks before 40. You should never think twice to take these tests if you feel any inconvenience or difficulty. Routine health checks are particularly vital if you are obese, overweight, smoker or drinker. Annual health checks may or may not be necessary if you’ve no chronic problem. Compared to annual checks, the 5-yearly test proves more helpful to keep track of your overall physical wellbeing.

Importance of sexual health

STIs or sexually transmitted diseases are steadily rising across the society. This is a matter of great concern and makes sexual health check for adults severely important. Sexually active adults, specially those having multiple partners and indulge in unprotected sex, should have a sexual health check annually. This yearly routine checks make early detection of STIs easier and prevent further complication and discomfort. It also helps tackling fertility issue and spreading of STIs. Sexual health tests include examination of the genitals, blood tests, urine sampling, swab tests and much more. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases are curable and those that are not can be kept under control if proper treatment is started early. 

Health Screening

Female health checks

Female health screening includes breast examinations, smears, routinely monitoring blood pressure and much more. Every woman between 25and 49 must undergo a cervical smear every three years. This helps detecting growth of the cancerous cells. Accordingly, women between 50 and 64 should have a smear every 5 years.

Apart from routine breast screenings, you should also carry out regular checks to identify abnormal lump formation or any other symptom. If you ever come across any symptom, don’t hesitate to seek medical help instantly. Most lumps on the breasts are non-cancerous but you should never take any unnecessary risk. Breast cancer is completely curable provided its detection and treatment start as early as possible.  

Male health checks

Prostate cancer is more common in men than women. They should better be vigilant about abnormal growths in their prostate area. Men above 50 are more prone to develop the disease and thus, prostate-screening programmes are more important for them. It can be carried out by your GP. Apart from prostate cancer, you should immediately report about any health concern to your doctor without delay. 
Other important health screening programmes for both men and women are dental and eye checks. You should never ignore these routine tests if you want to live fit and strong. 

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