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Importance of Comprehensive Health Checkup at Regular Intervals


Importance of Comprehensive Health Checkup at Regular Intervals

In 2019, our lives have become increasingly more dynamic, leaving us with little to no time to take care of our health. We are always on the go and this hurry prevents us from chewing our food properly, have proper amount of sleep and exercising regularly. These apparently petty issues pile up over time, and as a result of which, we begin to develop certain health conditions.

In order to motivate employees to take care of their health and well-being, many corporate organisations across the world make the annual health check-up mandatory for their employees. This is indeed an excellent approach and every individual, whether or not working in such organisations, must follow suit and spare a few hours from their pressing schedule every 6 months to get tested.

Importance of a thorough health checkup

When you get thorough health checkup at regular intervals, it becomes easier to defineyour health condition and identify if you have any health problems or are likely to develop such in the future. Many health conditions or diseases do not show any symptoms or trigger noticeable problems in their initial stages but in course of time, they may turn severe if they aren’t caught on time, which makes regular check-ups so vital. Regular health screens helps in identifying those issues early, which in turn allows the necessary treatments to start sooner.

As far as London is concerned, most basic health check-up packages include the essential blood and urine tests to screen both lifestyle diseases and chronic infections that are common within a given geographical region. Your chance of living a long and healthy life increases when you take these tests at regular intervals.

The factors that determine how often you should go for comprehensive health screens include your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle choices.
  • Family history.

Tests included in regular health check-ups

An overall physical examination is the most common element in all such packages. In addition to that, individual tests will be conducted to assess the functioning of your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive system and the immune system.

In certain cases, a health package may also offer some cancer-related tests like mammography and certain gynaecological screenings for women and PSA (Prostrate-specific Antigen) for men. However, these additional tests are included considering the age and the gender of an individual. 

In a health package, you’re likely to get a wide range of pathology tests for both blood and urine. Additionally, you’ll take a cardiac stress test, liver, kidney and lung function tests, imaging tests including ultrasounds and x-rays.

Each of the tests areconducted in a carefully controlled environment to ensure authentic results. There’re many private health screening clinics in London that provide reliable services and results. These clinics offer a wide range of health check-up packages that cover a large number of infections, diseases and lifestyle conditions. These clinics follow client-centric approach and allow an individual to choose either a preventive or full body health checkup package according to his or her needs or as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Comprehensive health checkup benefits

The benefits of comprehensive health check up packages are many. Some of the most relevant advantages include the following:

  • Comprehensive tests at a much lower cost: Every single health check-up package offers a wide range of tests. When you sum up the individual prices of those tests and tally the figure with the comprehensive package you’re offered, you will find out that the comprehensive option saves you a lot of money.
  • Detecting problems at early stages: When you’re getting tested at regular intervals, the current state of your health is being analysedin quick succession. This reduces your chances of developing any chronic diseases. Moreover, regular screenings also facilitate early treatment of any mild health condition that you may develop.
  • Raises awareness about various good and bad habits: It is widely known around the world that health is wealth. The truth in this statement can’t be ignored under any circumstances. Comprehensive health check-ups at routine intervals do not only inform you about your vulnerability to potential diseases but also highlight your positive health habits that you must continue with. Suppose you are someone who sticks to a balanced diet, takes a very limited amount of sugar and exercises regularly to stay fit. Your test reports will definitely reflect all these positive efforts you consistently make. Similarly, if you’re not careful about your health, your reports will reveal that too.
  • Motivation booster: When the reports show positive results, you automatically feel great and get motivated. Thus, stick to your healthy routine and lifestylemore dedicatedly.

Health checks according to age

Here’re some well-defined health check plans for people from different age groups.

People in their 20s and 30s: The Master Health Checkup package is most suitable for people in this age group. The package offers the following tests: 

  • Blood pressure screening.
  • Thorough dental check and professional teeth cleaning.
  • Glucose level.
  • Waist, hip and BMI measurement.
  • Cholesterol check.
  • Breast self-check and testes self-check for women and men respectively.
  • Checks for certain types of cancer.

In addition to that, certain STI screenings are also required for both men and women who’re sexually active. A Pap smear every 2 years for women is also required.

People in their 40s: These people should take all the tests mentioned above. In addition to that they have to take the following tests:

  • Risk assessment test against cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes for both men and women.
  • Eye check.
  • Mammogram and PSA for women and men respectively.

People in their 50s and 60s: In addition to all the tests mentioned in the above two categories, these people should also go for

  • Osteoporosis bone density check.
  • Bowel cancer screening.
  • Hearing impairment test.

Your selection of a good health checkup package is an important key to your health and wellbeing. Among the private clinics in London, Health Screening Clinic offers one of the best health check-up packages. The clinic is located on Harley Street in Marylebone and stays open all days a week including Sundays. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our services

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