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8 Mistakes that can get Your Visa Application Denied Easily


8 Mistakes that can get Your Visa Application Denied Easily

Unlike that in the past, the world today is a tiny global village. Yet visa applications are randomly rejected on flimsiest grounds. According to professionals working at a renowned visa agency in London, irrespective of the country you’re planning to travel, you must be a little careful and cautious while filling your application to get your visa on time. In many cases, just a small mistake on your part can land your visa application in the trash.

A visa medical doctor shares his personal experiences in the following paragraphs to point out some common mistakes that applicants make which gets their visa application rejected.

Common mistakes to avoid in your visa applications

Do not depart from the visa rules of a country

The visa rules are there for a purpose. As a visa applicant, you’re expected to stick to them. Else, you’re desperately taking chances. Consulates reject applications downright when visa rules are disobeyed. Even if they accept such applications, they demand additional documentation, which creates much more hassle and complexity for an applicant.  

Secure only air ticket for return journey or onward journey

Remember never to show the proof of your return journey or onward travel by bus, train or ship. Acquire air tickets to fly out of your country of visit. This is because it in not always possible for visa officers to verify the bus, train or ship tickets. But they can verify air tickets pretty easily if they wanted to. Therefore, an air ticket is more acceptable to them for your return or onward journey. You do not need to buy the return or onward air tickets to get your visa granted. All you need is holding or reserving the flight tickets to convince the visa officers.

Reveal a complete itinerary

Every consulate on this planet prefers to see a complete itinerary from a visa applicant. They just appreciate when your itinerary shows where your journey begins and ends.

A complete itinerary should always look this way:

  • Home - Destination - Home or
  • Home - Destination 1 - Destination 2 - Home


Submit a short itinerary

Be sure never to submit a long itinerary with your visa application. An itinerary of a fortnight is more preferred by visa officials. Anything more than a fortnight raises their suspicion as to why you need to stay for more than 14 days.

When you submit a lengthy itinerary, chances are that high visa officers will demand additional documents like your leave from work approval letter, proof of sufficient funds in your bank account or letter of no objection issued by your employer.

While granting any visa, the officials always have to abide by the guidelines. When you show a short itinerary, you smartly avoid many unnecessary questions and also submitting additional documentation.

Do not mention that you know someone in a foreign land

Take this as a rule of thumb; never ever mention in a visa application that you have a friend, acquaintance or family member in the foreign country. If you do, chances are that a lot of unnecessary complications may crop up.

  • Questions may arise how you know this person?
  • The visa officers may also ask you to submit ID proof, employment document and even bank statements of the individual concerned.
  • The visa authorities then may also want to ensure that your contacts are not involved in any illegal racket or suspicious activity.

All these unwanted factors may eventually get your application rejected. But when you mention that you know no one in that country, you will just brush past those potential complications, giving you a greater chance of being approved for the visa.

Do not mention things like budget travel, backpacking, couch-surfing, hitchhiking

As a general rule in visa applications, budget travel, backpacking, couch-surfing, hitchhiking are all red flags. You can’t expect your visa granting officials to be familiar with these concepts. Rather, they may conclude that you lack sufficient funding for your travel.

Just keep things simple and if you’re asked, say that you want to visit their country for tourism purposes. Make some refundable hotel reservations to further convince the visa officials.

Many visa applications get rejected just for mentioning Airbnb. You may not believe this but it’s true. Do not mention or include such terms in your visa application. Airbnb neither sounds impressive nor acceptable across many nations and government officials.

Certain terms like volunteering and house sitting are red flags for visa officials

Certain terms like volunteering, remote work woofing, house sitting, work-away, location independent and digital nomad are red flags for visa officials. Never mention any of these things in your visa application even if you intend to do it. Just mention that you want to visit for the purpose of sightseeing and tourism if you want your visa to be granted. Taking up any kind of activity that may generate remuneration is considered illegal in absence of a proper work visa. In such cases, you may also be arrested, penalized or even deported back home right away. Moreover, that can even get you permanently banned from entering that country again.

Do not get involved in criminal activities in your home country

If you get involved in any criminal or illegal activity in your home country, that may prevent your visa from being granted. Having a clean police record always helps in getting visas. When you have a criminal background in your home country, your visa may get approved but once you reach the destination you may be detained at the immigration point and deported.

Health Screening Clinic is a reliable name in London to get the necessary visa medicals. Without proper visa medicals, it is not safe to travel to certain regions of the planet. On the other hand, if you fail to submit the necessary documents of your visa medical, certain countries will simply reject your visa application.

Follow the tips discussed above to get your visa granted smooth and fast without any further complications.

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